Saturday, May 07, 2011


Do people really write everything they feel about on twitter, facebook status update, tumblr, blogger or another social networking? I do. I really do. When we feel sad, disappointed, amused, bored or whatever. We usually write on those sites then we feel really good when everything explodes. Right?

I’m now thinking, guessing. When people explode they feel about, I don’t need to ask them like “why, when, how, what” because people really put what they feel into words and it explains everything.

Then I was wondering. Why would I let people know about what I feel? I want to explode what I feel but I won’t let people know about it. Where can I spoil what I feel about. Social networking is a bitch. There is no escape to hide everything because this fucking technology made it.

“I listen to everyone. But I trust no one”.